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Generalized Hough transform

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Generalized Hough transform


sagi eppel (view profile)


04 Nov 2013 (Updated )

Find template/shape given in binary image in grayscale image, using generalize hough transform

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File Information

Generalised Hough Transfrom
Find template/shape Itm in greyscale image Is using generalize hough transform

Use generalized hough transform to find Template/shape binary image (given in binary image Itm) in grayscale image (Is grayscale image)

Is is grayscale picture were the template Itm should be found

Itm is bool edge image of the template with edges marked ones

Return the x,y location coordinates which gave the best match

Also return the score of each this point (number of point matching)

%The x,y are the coordinates in image Is in which the the top left edge of image Itm (1,1) should be positioned in order to give the best match

Required Products Computer Vision System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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Comments and Ratings (8)
29 Oct 2016 Patrick Kurer

Awesome! Works very well

16 Apr 2016 sagi eppel

sagi eppel (view profile)

You need two inputs one is a grayscale image.
The second a boolean(0/1) edge image of the template you want to find in the image.
If you put this you shouldn't get any errors.

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16 Apr 2016 Kanika Jakhar

How can I run this file??
it shows error in line 21..about not enough input arguments.

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29 Mar 2015 sagi eppel

sagi eppel (view profile)

rotation gneralised hough transform:

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26 Mar 2015 ibrahim

if you have GHT with rotation , can send it to me
thanks in advance

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26 Mar 2015 ibrahim

what about the rotation GHT?

01 Apr 2014 ma7moud emam

27 Mar 2014 david

david (view profile)

04 Nov 2013 1.3


17 Jan 2014 1.5


20 Jan 2014 1.7


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