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Mummy Dual-Energy CT Analysis

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Analysis code to enable separation of up to 3 materials using dual-energy CT data.



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This code is intended to accompany the paper:

S. N. Friedman, N. Nguyen, A. J. Nelson, P. V. Granton, D. B. MacDonald,R. Hibbert, D. W. Holdsworth, and I. A. Cunningham. "Computed tomography (CT) bone segmentation of an Ancient Egyptian mummy: A comparison of automated and semiautomated threshold and dual-energy techniques," JCAT 36, 616 - 622 (2012).

To isolate up to 3 materials from dual-energy CT scans of a mummy.

Two CT scans of the mummy at different energies are needed. Scans should be acquired such that the energy difference between scans is maximized within the limitations of the scanner. The program requires two data directories that are already organized such that only the relevant axial slices are contained within the data directory, and the data are already ordered such that slices in each energy directory correspond to physical locations in the mummy on a one-to-one basis.

Separated materials are saved in a "results" subdirectory located in the same folder as this code. Results are saved in portable network graphics (PNG) format on a slice-by-slice basis.

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