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Basic Three Image Stitching Code

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This is a basic code which tells how 3 images, displaced in X direction, can be stitched.



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In this code, we have used 3 sub images which have been displaced in X-direction only. Here we have used correlation method in order to find the largest similarity between a patch of rows x 5columns dimension of second image with a series of patches of rows x 5columns dimension from the first sub image. The point giving maximum similarity is saved as index. The second image is then registered & stitched from there over the fist one. Once an image is formed from the above process, the same method is used to stitch the newly stitched image & the third image to form a final stitched image.

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natee ina

it work

Viraj kadam

Amir how did it work with you without telling you that there is an index out of bounds exception?


Amir (view profile)

It works great.
I'm kind of new to matlab could you please advise how would you do it for a whole folder of jpgs ?


Ramo (view profile)

As i have been taking photos from the top of the building, this woulding work perfectly as it's only work for images that have been displaced in X-direction only. Thanks anyway and keep up the hard work!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

Inspired by: Image Stitching using correlation

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