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Ben Barrowes (view profile)


03 Feb 2004 (Updated )

matlab2fmex.m is a small translator which aims to convert numerical M-files to Fortran90 mex.

Editor's Notes:

This author's upload was somehow corrupted. We fixed this on March 29, 2006. At that time, we also converted it from a GZ file a ZIP file for better cross platform portability.

global alpha barr barr2 convertedwords cw filename filename_all fortranfunwords funstr funstrnumbers funstrnumbers_b funstrnumbers_e funstrwords funstrwords_b funstrwords_e funwords inoutother inoutother3 intrinsics keywords keywordsbegin libraries localvartype logicalops loglist make_words make_words2 maxTRC multinum mxwords needed_interfaces operators s typs want_0 want_br want_cs want_fb want_in want_kb want_mf want_op want_ss zzz % want_ct want_sb mexfunctions maxmxinputs maxmxinputs0 mexfunction vararginin vararginlocal vararginout vararginout_all tempflagin tempflagin_all needeps needpi recursive filenamef filenamem mexoperatorinterfaces 

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