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Oblique Shock Calculator

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Calculates the flow conditions after an oblique shock occurs



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Contains a number of functions for flow characterization including the following:

insentropic_flow - Relations for isentropic flow
normal_shock - Relations across a normal shock (with considerations for oblique shock)
oblique_angle_calc - Given two parameters this function calculates the third of the theta-beta-mach relationship for oblique angles
plotShock - Visualizes the shock wave

A script is also included to facilitate the execution of these functions. The script contains a section to change the inputs.

A matlab GUI/app will be coming soon and I will continue to update and add on to these functions (such as expansions waves).

Information regarding oblique shocks can be found at the following websites:

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Dr Kannan

I am getting Error message while running the same.
Error using ObliqueShockTest
The specified superclass 'TestCase' contains a parse error, cannot be found on MATLAB's search path, or is shadowed by
another file with the same name.


Dhaval (view profile)

There are cases where the solution output is for strong shock! We need weak shock solutions (unless specified). Try Mach = 1.994 and theta = 1 deg. You'll see what I mean.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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