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Phase-locked loop.m this is an mfile to calculate the same outputs of the PLL simulink block.



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Use this file to get the frequency of an input signal and to generate a pu sine and cos signal with the wt from your input signal it can do the same function as the PLL block in simulink but without using an PI controller (canot be used online) or also can build up the Wt signal for better accurcy from the Zerocrossing of the input signal.
Use the option = 1 to do the same steps in PLL simulink block or option = 0 to build up your own Wt signal (R_Z_G) from the zerocrossing inofrmation

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In this update the cumtrapz.m function in matlab was updated into cumtrapzt.m function in order to get the same effects of the (1/s) Intgrator block of simulink (Looking at point t-1 from simulation time t).


the variable option was added to allow the user to choose between doing the exact steps like the matlab PLL simulink block (option = 1) or to build up the Wt signal from the zerocrossing(option ~= 1)

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MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

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