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mmROI (multiple images with multiple ROIs)

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mmROI (multiple images with multiple ROIs)


Shanrong Zhang (view profile)


20 Feb 2004 (Updated )

open multiple images and preform multiple ROIs process

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File Information

1) Goal: Interactively process MULTIPLE images with MULTIPLE ROIs (so-called mmROI), which returns ROI mean, std, min, max, median, area and center(X,Y), and plots the mean/std values along the image series.

2) Usage: [roi, im] = mmROI; (please don't forget to add a semicolon ";" at the end of this command. Otherwise, all image data will be showing on

a) The statistic data are in roi structures, which may be save into a text file (optional). If you want to see the details, you may type, for example, roi.mean to show all mean values; roi.mean(1, 1, 1)to display the mean value of the 1st image, the 1st ROI and the red color; roi.std(3, 1, :) to show std values of all image 1, the 1st ROI and the blue color, etc.

b) The image data are in a stack (im). You may use immovie(im) to play a movie or montage(im) to show all images in one figure.
3) Limitation: all images MUST have exactly identical size. Otherwise, an error will take place and the program will be terminated. The reason is that all image data were loaded into a stack matrix, im(:,:,:,imNumber).

First version: 02/14/2004
Fix bug: Now it works on Version r14sp2
Shanrong Zhang
Department of Radiology
University of Washington



Roi inspired this file.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
Other requirements Works well on Wondow XP. If you are testing on other platforms, please share your results (comments on Unix, linux, Mac).
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Comments and Ratings (3)
11 Jan 2011 Vivek

Vivek (view profile)

hey can i extract the ROI as separate image? in other words, i want to extract the polygon selection as separate image??
My Roi is in the link and highlighed and i want that ROI as separate image

09 May 2007 eman khier

07 Apr 2006 lee K

very good

25 Feb 2004

1) Add image file filter in multiple file selection;
2) Set current directory as default.

08 Mar 2004

1) Now it works for both release 13 and release 14 (v7 prerelease version)
2) turn off "warning off MATLAB:colon:operandsNotRealScalar"

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