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Multi-objective bat algorithm (MOBA)

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Matlab demo code for multiobjective bat algoritm



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This demo code solves bi-objective function optimization problems using the Bat Algorithm and the weighted sum method. The program can be extended to solve any multiple objectives.

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Juan Vidal

Thank you very much for share it!!

Tao Ma

Tao Ma (view profile)

Very good job, it is useful for me:)

Pritam Pain

I want to optimize two objective function with four control parameter. How can I put the boundary condition in this program?


Amon (view profile)


The optimisation result depends on the weight. For the given example, the minimum found for both objective functions is for the weight value equal to 0.5. I guess the global minimum of the objective functions depend on the functions, it is not always for the weight equal to 0.5, right ?

Can i use this code 4 objective functions. i tried. but not able to get it right. can you suggest the changes to be made.


Sara (view profile)

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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