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Feature-Based Image Registration

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Feature-Based Image Registration



17 Apr 2014 (Updated )

An interactive app for registering images using a feature-based (computer-vision) workflow

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Register images using any of the features supported by the Computer Vision System Toolbox.
Manipulate interactively ANY of the parameter/values for ALL of the tools in the underlying DETECT/EXTRACT/MATCH workflow. The Feature-Based Image Registration app automatically generates transformation matrices, and visualizes the result of the registration. At the push of a button, MATLAB code to recreate the registration is automatically echoed at the Command Line.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
Computer Vision System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
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11 Jun 2014 Brett Shoelson

Thanks. I didn't code to export that matrics, but...

If you export results (second button from the left on the top menubar), you get the registered image out, along with the code equivalent to re-generate it. Note that the first output argument from the call to estimateGeometricTransform is the TFORM; you can easily re-generate it.
Alternatively, you can easily modify the syntax to output it. Something like:

[hndl, tform] = featureBasedImageRegistration(...)


10 Jun 2014 Lilia

Great application, thanks! Is there a option to save the transformation matrix?

18 Apr 2014

Minor fixes and tweaks, and included a screen shot.

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