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Vehicle Model with Delft-Tyre in SimMechanics

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Vehicle Model with Delft-Tyre in SimMechanics


Steve Miller (view profile)


Vehicle model in SimMechanics using 3-D tire model

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This file contains a full-vehicle model of a passenger car that can be configured to run several different tests, including slalom, 4-post testrig, and a parking maneuver. It requires Delft-Tyre software from TNO Automotive, which can be requested from The model uses SimMechanics Second Generation technology.

Please read the README.txt file to get started.

To see a demonstration of this model and the tire model, watch this video (2.5 min):

To learn more about multibody simulation with SimMechanics, please watch the webinar, “Multibody Simulation with SimMechanics".

To find other physical modeling examples, search for posts with the keyword "physical modeling"

To learn more about MathWorks Physical Modeling Products, go to:

Required Products SimMechanics
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
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11 Nov 2015 Kapil Patel

Hello All,
I think you need to contact TASS International based in Helmond Netherlands.


MSc Automotive Systems

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27 Jun 2015 Carles Martinez

How can I get the Delft-tyre MATLAB package? I get no answer from TNO Automotive...Please advise as I need it for my Master's project...

27 Apr 2015 Antonio J.  
27 Apr 2015 Antonio J.

just like other people here,How can I get the Delft-tyre MATLAB package? who could help me?

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11 Nov 2014 G

G (view profile)

How can I get the Delft-tyre MATLAB package? Could you help me?

21 Oct 2014 Jayil Jeong

Just like other people, I am trying to find the Delft-tyre MATLAB toolbox. Could you help me out?

29 Jul 2014 Willem Versteden

Hello Arthur, I just sent you a private e-mail.
> Willem

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11 Jul 2014 Arthur LIU

I've got excited watching the demonstration of this model. However, similar to many other people here that I could not get a reply from the request of the tyre model. Could you help me out?

01 Jul 2014 Giovanni

I have installed MF-Tyre, now I would like to change the dimension of the tyre within the 'tyre property file'. How can I modify all the other parameters (stiffness, slip, etc.) according to the different tyre geometry? The scalig coefficients can help me?

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01 Jul 2014 Willem Versteden

Hello Damir, you will receive an e-mail from TNO within today.
> Willem

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01 Jul 2014 Damir

Damir (view profile)

I've got the same problem like sharmin. I've sent the request but have no reply. Steve Miller, could you help me, please?
Thank you.

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23 Jun 2014 Steve Miller

Steve Miller (view profile)

nickx88: Which version of MATLAB are you using? If possible, please use R2013b.

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23 Jun 2014 Steve Miller

Steve Miller (view profile)

sharmin: I have sent a follow-up email to TNO Automotive concerning your request.

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22 Jun 2014 sharmin

i have requested the tyre mdoel yet they have not given me..can anyone help me on this,i want to use this model

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20 Jun 2014 nickx88

I have installed the MF-Tyre software and I have the library simMechanics Second generation technology toolbox in my Matlab version. I have still a problem: when I launch the startup, the vehicle model appears, but in some blocks there are unresolved links. Those blocks correspond to the sm_lib library. Do you know how I could fix this problem?
Thank you

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16 Jun 2014 sharmin

how can i get the tyre model from delft?i requested a form in their website but got no reply.please help.

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06 May 2014 Abhaya

Abhaya (view profile)

21 Mar 2014 Steve Miller

Steve Miller (view profile)

There is a four-post option in the main vehicle dynamics model. However, that one currently requires the tire model. I'll try to add a version where the 3D tire model is replaced by a 1D spring-damper.

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15 Mar 2014 Abdullah CAKAN

"With no tire model, however,the car will simply fall due to gravity" how can i put it on 4-post and apply some forces to wheels without delft-tyre. I just wanna see it as a visualation. or can i ride it on ground again without delft-tyre. I dont want tire model..

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12 Feb 2014 Steve Miller

Steve Miller (view profile)

The suspension on this model is quite simple -- roll axis and heave axis, front and rear. An active suspension would probably need independent suspensions on left and right sides. See SimMechanics shipping example sm_double_wishbone_suspension.

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11 Feb 2014 Abdullah CAKAN

is it possible to apply active vibration control to this model ?

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