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spectral smoothing

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This exercise smooths the log magnitude spectrum of a frame of voiced speech using liftering.



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This MATLAB exercise processes a designated frame of voiced speech from a user specified speech file, using a designated window and calculates the log magnitude spectrum of the STFT of the windowed frame of speech. Next the exercise does LPC analysis of the speech frame using a pth-order predictor and computes the log magnitude spectrum of the LPC polynomial. Finally cepstral analysis is performed with the cepstrum liftered using a low frequency lifter (with lowest retained quefrency specified by the user). The exercise plots the three log magnitude spectrums on a common plot for comparison of the three log magnitude spectrums.

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Updated to work with post-R2014b graphics


code updates; Read_Me.txt setup file; pathnew_matlab_central example


changed text size on buttons

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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