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MRiLab v1.2.1

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MRiLab v1.2.1


Fang Liu (view profile)


10 Feb 2014 (Updated )

A Numerical Simulation Platform for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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File Information

The MRiLab is a numerical MRI simulation package. It has been invented and developed to simulate MR signal formation, k-space acquisition and MR image reconstruction. MRiLab provides several dedicated toolboxes for MR researchers to analyze RF pulse, design MR sequence, configure multiple transmitting and receiving coils, investigate field inhomogeneity and test real-time imaging techniques etc. The main simulation platform combined with these toolboxes can be applied for customizing various virtual MR experiments which can serve as a prior stage for prototyping and testing new MR technique and application. The MRiLab is also a nice graphical tool that can be used for general educational purposes such as teaching basic MR physics and MR image reconstruction theories.
The MRiLab features highly interactive graphical user interface for the ease of fast experiment design and technique prototyping. A high simulation accuracy is achieved by simulating discrete spin evolution at small time interval using the Bloch-equation and appropriate spin model. In order to manipulate large multidimensional spin array, MRiLab employs parallel computing by incorporating latest GPU technique (CUDA) and multi-threading CPU technique (OpenMP). Benefit from the accelerated computing, MRiLab can accomplish multidimensional multiple spin species MR simulation with high simulation accuracy and time efficiency, and with low computing hardware cost.
More specifically, MRiLab features:
>Highly interactive program-free graphical user interface
>Graphical MR pulse sequence design and analysis
>RF and gradient modules for B1 and B0 field analysis
>Fast and accurate parallelized simulation for tissue response in 3D
>Enriched functions for multidimensional image display and analysis
>Low computation hardware requirement
The new MRiLab v1.2 features
> Up to 2X speed boost
> Provide a new phantom design tool
> Enhance MR sequence design
> Polish sequence waveform rendering
> Support XML direct editing
> More...
To run this program, simply run MRiLab.m under the root folder. The user manual is saved in folder /Doc. For more information, please also check

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.5 (R2015a)
MATLAB Search Path
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Comments and Ratings (1)
15 Feb 2014 Dinesh

Dinesh (view profile)


15 Feb 2014 1.1

update description

18 Feb 2014 1.2

update tags

18 Feb 2014 1.3

File Exchange removed some folders :(

19 Feb 2014 1.4

fix bugs for loading single DICOM file

06 Mar 2014 1.5

minor bug fix

06 Mar 2014 1.6


06 Mar 2014 1.7


07 Apr 2014 1.8

update to v1.2

07 Apr 2014 1.9

update description

08 Apr 2014 1.10

bug fixed

14 Apr 2014 1.11

bug fix

14 Apr 2014 1.12

add mex source file for ismrmrd_0.5.0

18 Apr 2014 1.13

Fix bugs in CoilUser

28 Apr 2014 1.14

fix bugs in GradUser

04 Sep 2016 1.2.1

v1.2.1 fix version conflicts with latest Matlab

05 Sep 2016 1.2.1

minor fix

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