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Opens Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, & Access).

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msopen : Opens Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, & Access).

file: Name of file with extension (ex. 'Doc1.doc')


msopen myfile.doc;
msopen myfile.xls;
msopen myfile.ppt myfile.xls myfile.doc;
msopen *.xls *.doc;

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Is this command similar to officedoc and winopen.m?

David Hayden

dos('filename') is easier, except if you have spaces in your filename.

Thierry Dalon

Indeed winopen seems to do the same.
msopen has following extended features:
- can open several files in a row
- allows wildcard in filespec
- allows partial path
which make it anyway very useful.

I would have following improvements (that's why only a 4 rating):
- it would be nice if you could take as input a list (cellstr) of files and not only the command window syntax.
- there is a small bug if no file was found. (you should check if output of wildfiles==0 to exit properly)

I am using this file because I want to be able to open also txt files with Excel. I've modified the file
switch fext
case {'.xls','.xla','.xlt','.txt'}
so it handles this.
This can winopen definitely not do as well!

Dany Simard

Thanks, good to do the simple task of opening those files

Daniel Febres

i have a problem with this file. i used to open a xls file that must run the "MATLAB EXCEL LINK" macro, and this .m dont do that. it say me a error "the link is broken".

Matthew Simoneau

See also winopen.m, built into MATLAB.

Ibrahim ONARAN

Open an ms application is not that challenging. It is more important how to manage it by using matlab. Do you know some source that explain the functions and their parameters of this applications.



Now Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 extensions

Fixed a bug caused by (wildfiles) function

Now supports wildcard

Changed Category

Now can open Project & Access

Fixed another path bug

Fixed file path bug

Multiple file option added

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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