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Symmetric QR Algorithm with Permutations

Demonstrates the Symmetric QR Algorithm with Permutations

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The files demonstrate the Symmetric QR algorithm with Permutation, and compare the performance to classic QR algorithm and variants.
Based upon: Symmetric QR Algorithm with Permutations, arXiv:1402.5086.

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@Syed I worked on this topic in the context of low-power Eigenvalue estimator implementations. I'm not sure if this is original work or if it's already known in Math somewhere.

You're free to use my files or write your own implementation based on the arXiv paper


Syed (view profile)

The files are really useful for my research work. I am using QR decomposition in wireless domain. Can i get permission to use your work in my code. Can i cite your work after using the same if it had been published in any journal or conference.

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