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Cumulative 2x2 Complex Matrix Multiplication

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This takes a 2x2xm matrix and calculates the cumulative matrix multiplication along the 3rd diim.

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This function calculates the cumulative matrix multiplication of input complex matrices A(2,2,m)
This function should be compiled using the Maltab Mex function.
m = 1000; % number of matrices
A = rand(2,2,m) + 1i * rand(2,2,m); % Example matrix;
B = cM(A); % B is a 2x2 matrix

This function is up to 180 times faster that the equivalent for loop.

B = eye(2);
for ii = 1 : 1000
B = B * A(:,:,ii);

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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