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Program computes IDF curves

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Intensity-Duration-Frequency Computation

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The program takes several sets of duration-depth and computes the IDF curves using Gumbel and the Bernard equation to compute the intensity-duration-frequency curves for precipitation design

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Hi, you have to modify the the code between the lines 99 and 119... instead of calculating Gumbel Parameters and its inverse you could add:

P = 1./Return_Period;

for ii = 1 : t;
for i = 1 : m;
GEV_Parameters(i,:) = gevfit(Rainfall_Intensity(:,i));
IDF_Table_GEV(ii,i) = gevinv(P(ii),GEV_Parameters(i,1),GEV_Parameters(i,2),GEV_Parameters(i,3));

hope it works,


Anyone know if im want to change the gumbel dist with GEV dist? how the coding looks like



In lines 160, 161, and 162 the "double" function must be changed by "table2string" for the new matlab versions.

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MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

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