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Structure and Motion Toolkit in MATLAB

Structure and Motion Toolkit in MATLAB


Philip Torr (view profile)


04 Mar 2004 (Updated )

Structure and Motion Toolkit in MATLAB.

%	By Philip Torr 2002
%	copyright Microsoft Corp.
%makes a super quick fit (Torr trick of the trade...)
%example given two points we can determine a quick fit to a line as

% det [i  j  k ]
%     [x  y  m3]
%     [x' y' m3]
%     where the coefficients of i,j,k are the coefficients of the line

%this result generalizes to any dimension allowing for quick fitting of minimal sets without SVD.

%for Matlab there is no gain over SVD, but there might be for C++

function result = torr_quick_fit(M)

nc = length(M);
normM = norm(M);

% if (nr ~= nc-1)
%     error('wrong matrix size in torr_quick_fit');
% end

for i = 1:nc
    A = M(:, [1:i-1 i+1:nc])/normM;
    result(i) = (-1)^(i+1) * det(A);

result = result'/norm(result);

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