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Structure and Motion Toolkit in MATLAB

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Structure and Motion Toolkit in MATLAB


Philip Torr (view profile)


04 Mar 2004 (Updated )

Structure and Motion Toolkit in MATLAB.

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File Information

This is a MATLAB implementation, of corner detection, matching, robust estimation of the fundamental matrix, self-calibration, and recovery of the projection matrices, plus structure. An interactive MATLAB GUI is provided. At the moment the tool is just for two views, but there are plans to introduce more.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (33)
25 May 2016 parth parikh

20 May 2016 Ahsan Abbas

Want's to implement for my thesis.

30 Jan 2016 hedaia hamed

can you help me to get full code in SFM

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01 May 2015 Guanghong Li

05 Jun 2014 vasantharaj RAJAGOPAL

04 Jun 2014 vasantharaj RAJAGOPAL

going to use for research and teaching good one

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20 May 2014 aliya

aliya (view profile)

03 Apr 2013 Jinyang Yan

03 Apr 2013 Jinyang Yan

Nice work!

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18 Feb 2013 Andrew

Andrew (view profile)

Has anyone successfully ran this code, if so, please tell me your secret.

There has been a lot of work put into this program, so would love to be able to run it. Tried stereo.fig, I get an error, tried torr_tool.fig after reading the manual, I get an error, then finally tried manually running functions and I got more errors.

Please help!!! :)

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16 Jul 2012 boucar

boucar (view profile)

hi to all,

I would like to know if it would be possible to use this toolkit with more than 2 camera views at this moment or if anyone knows any other toolkit that can do it.

Thanks to all

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13 Jul 2012 mariem123


I would like to know how to run the GUI. I think I need to open "stereo.fig" to load pictures but I get an error message and I can not use it at all.




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06 Dec 2011 Lihang Nong

02 Mar 2010 aya

aya (view profile)

can i know how to run this code

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27 Feb 2009 Stanley

Stanley (view profile)

Windows only. Editing the c files will get them to compile under linux, but the gui will not fcn correctly, even with the supplied demo imgs.

Thanks anyway.

31 Aug 2008 Qiang li

Thank you for your wonderful work on the SFM

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28 Aug 2008 Zhang Hongyan

The very thing that I am searching! Very useful! Thanks!

12 Mar 2008 Herman Kloosterman

29 May 2007 Tanish Zaveri

excellent effort

28 Feb 2007 Dan L

18 Jan 2007 M N










18 Jan 2007 V X

Good job!


Open source!

18 Jan 2007 A Q

thanks for you to open your code,it's very helpful to everyone who deal with computer vision problems.

10 Jan 2007 Dan Liu

very helpful for 3D reconstruction

21 Dec 2006 harsha nik

a lot helpful

26 Jun 2006 Imran Mahmud

31 Jan 2006 Subash Nayak

The best of best for 3D reconstruction

11 Nov 2005 lxc lxc

Very good!Thank you!
I'm sorry.I made a big mistake.

05 Oct 2005 agung witadi


03 Jul 2005 l xc

Do the program apply in Linux?
When I run this program,the error is "fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'mex.h': No such file or directory
Error executing cl.exe".
But when I put this 'mex.h' into,then there are many errors.All the errors are "Cannot open include file: '~~.h'".And I put it into, the error again and again.Why?
And all the "~~.h" are in the directory 'PLT'.
Thank you for answering my question.
Your job is great.
I also do this problem.

28 Apr 2005 sanjay havaldar

great work

25 Feb 2005 yanwan yan

Really excellent job!

23 Mar 2004 Omar Fouad

there are a Problem I con't download file

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