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Flappy Bird for MATLAB

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Flappy Bird for MATLAB


Mingjing Zhang (view profile)


08 Mar 2014 (Updated )

MATLAB replica of the viral mobile game "Flappy Bird"

Flappy Bird

MATLAB replica of the viral mobile game "Flappy Bird".

As one of the most popular games on app stores before being taken down, Flappy Bird does not need any further introduction. Now, it has come back alive, on MATLAB.

This implementation is intentionally made to replicate the user experience of the original game, with all physical dimensions of objects being identical. The gravity and 'jumping pulse' are also carefully adjusted so that they match the original as closely as possible.

Control: Spacebar/Return/Uparrow/W/ -> Jump/Start game/Restart game; ESC -> Quit Game.

This game app features a few technique breakthroughs that I utilize in a game for the first time. For instance, the bird sprite is represented as a SURFACE object, as opposed to an IMAGE object, so that it can easily rotate at any angle.

If you encounter any problem, or have any suggestions / feedbacks, please drop a comment down below.

Enjoy the endless flapping!

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