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AD9361 Filter Design Wizard

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FIR Filter Design Wizard for the AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver from Analog Devices Inc.



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The AD9361 Filter Design Wizard is a small MATLAB App, which can be used to design transmitter and receiver FIR filters, which take into account the magnitude and phase response from other analog and digital stages in the filter chain. This tool provides not only a general purpose low pass filter designer, but also magnitude and phase equalization for other stages in the signal path.
With this wizard, users can perform the following tasks:
◾ Choose correct digital filters to use for Receive and Transmit.
◾ Design the programmable FIR filters, get the filter coefficients and save them in a .frt file, which can be directly loaded into the hardware.
◾ Examine the independent response of each filter, and the composite response of all the filters, including both digital and analog filters.
More information (and full documentation) can be found at:

Source Code for this application can be found at:

Information on the AD9361, 2 x 2 RF Agile Transceiver can be found at:

Information on the AD9364, 1 x 1 RF Agile Transceiver can be found at:

Information on the Hardware (PCB level) can be found at:

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Dear respected sir, I'm really very happy for your awesome works.
I'm working hardly to work with your project but facing some problem. Please could you explain some mode details how to work with your project or Could you make a tutorial explaining the project?

Please sir don't mind as I've interrupted you at your busiest time.
Hope you will consider my request as you are very helpful for other and cordial in your work..........

Robin Getz



Add pointer to ADI wiki, due to license issues.

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