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IEEE 9 Bus

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IEEE 9 Bus Transmission System

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Simulink Model of IEEE 9 Bus System with load flow

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hi,all.. m just a learner.. so pls tell me, working procedure, and how to take the measurements.. how to connect this circuit with inverter..

Thank you for all the appreciation. Sorry for taking time to reply all of you. it's just 4 years!. i tested the file. Seems like its still working.


yang (view profile)

Not working


At bus 7 there is a line to line to fault between phase A and C. Please make the necessary change.
PMC_Port 1 and PMC_Port 12 are wrongly connected.
PMC_Port 3 and PMC_Port 10 are wrongly connected.
the correct connection should be
PMC_Port 1 to PMC_Port 10
PMC_Port 3 to PMC_Port 12

Dear Sir
Would you mind exporting this and saving it as an mdl file.

Ozan Özdemir

How can be seen iteration number?

I am getting the voltage 201 KV instead of 230 KV after running the model given in the file here, can anybody help me how to correct this problem?

I also need a model with machine models with governors. Can anyone please send at my email:

yogesh vasu

please anybody convert .slx to mdl file for this code because i am having 2008 version

it's all about the fault considering or creating, for example if you have consider a 3-phase balanced fault at the bus-7 then during the fault case circuit breaker corresponding to the bus -7 might open such that the reactances corresponding to the closed loop is changed due to it gets opened at g-2.for any more details and circuits of simulation do contact
this is the response regarding to the question by @ABUVATAMIZHAN

sir i dont know how to transformer parameters and also transmission line parameters in load flow analysis can u explain me sir..

i need outputs of this simulation model

asif mt

can you please send data file used for this simulation?

Mohamed Ali

Dear sir, Are you have the model design of optimal capacitor location using Intelligent technique for 34 bus or 123 bus systems!
help as you can!


Do you have this model with machine models and not voltage sources?

good efforts


salih (view profile)

king dota



how to create fault on this system?


DP (view profile)

It is really appreciable work, Sir.
Sir, I would like to know how have you decided the sequence parameters of the corresponding transmission line segment.



majid (view profile)


Dave (view profile)

Dear Sir

Would you mind exporting this and saving it as an mdl file. It would be much appreciated if you could make the mdl file available as well as the slx file.

Many Thanks

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