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Minesweeper GUI with classical graphics, a persistent leaderboard, and an auto-solution engine



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The latest update adds public methods to the Minesweeper class that support external control of the GUI.
The included script AItest.m shows how to connect a custom "artificial intelligence" function to the GUI and programmatically make left/right-clicks.

CHALLENGE: Write your own AI engine to solve Minesweeper puzzles. Can you beat the speed and/or accuracy of the built-in EngineMove() method?

Feel free to share your AI code! I'd love to see your solution :)

Syntax: Minesweeper();

Inputs: level = {'Beginner','Intermediate','Expert'}
(nRows,nCols) = (#rows,#columns)
nMines = #mines

Description: This class generates a fully-functional Minesweeper GUI with beginner, intermediate,
expert, and custom levels, a persistent leaderboard, classical graphics, hints, and an
artificial intelligence (AI) auto-solution engine.

Objective: Uncover all safe squares without touching a mine. The numbers on each square denote the
number of mines adjacent to that square.

Controls: Left-click a square to open it. Right/CMD/CTRL-click a square to flag it as a
mine. For your safety, flagged squares cannot be left-clicked. Right/CMD/CTRL-click a flag
to remove it. Once you have flagged the appropriate number of mines adjacent to a
given square, you can left-click that square to cascade open its unflagged adjacent squares.
Finally, click the smiley button to reset the board, and change the board size through the
GAME menu.

Hints: Use the HINT menu to have a safe square opened for you when you are stuck. However,
note that using a hint will disqualify your time from appearing on the leaderboard.

Auto-solution: Use the SOLVE menu to invoke auto-solution mode. You can stop the solver
at any time by clicking the red stop button. Naturally, using the auto-solver will disqualify
your time from appearing on the leaderboard.

Author: Brian Moore

Comments and Ratings (2)

very nice

Matthias Held

Very nice contribution!



Improved handling of GUI children handles


Adding public methods to allow programmatic control of the GUI.

CHALLENGE: One can now easily design an external AI function to auto-solve a puzzle. Can you beat the speed and/or accuracy of the internal EngineMove() method?


Adding support for mouse right-click mine flagging (last update accidentally broke this...)


Adding close hot-keys support to auxiliary figures


Fixing description typo


Adding board reset accelerator


Fixing description typo


Fixing title typo

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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