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  • findClosestIntersectionWi...
    findClosestIntersectionWithAPolytope finds the upper and lower bounds on
  • generateSamples( varargin )
  • getLargestEllipseInPolyto...
    Find the largest alpha such that
  • getMessage(MessageCode,va...
    % This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • jacobianSamples(f,xbar,va...
  • save2pdf(pdfFileName,hand...
    SAVE2PDF Saves a figure as a properly cropped pdf
  • save2pdf2(varargin)
  • stepPlotFunctionEkf(agent...
  • stepPlotFunctionMpc(agent...
  • stepPlotFunctionPos(agent...
  • stepPlotFunctionPos(agent...
  • vaInstall(url,nameFolder)
    vaInstall installs an external package
  • vaUninstall(url,nameFolder)
    vaUninstall undo vaInstall
  • AcadoMpcOpSolver
  • AuxLawWarmStart
  • BallSet
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • BoxSet
  • Controller
  • ControllerAdapter
  • ControllerStateLog
  • CtMpcOp
    CtMpcOP Continuous-time Model Predictive Control Optimization Problem
  • CtSystem
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • DisplayNothing
  • DisplaySelector
  • DisplayVerbose
  • DtMpcOp
  • DtSystem
    %DTSystem discrete time system
  • EkbfFilter
  • EkfFilter
  • EllipsoidalSet
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • EulerForward
    EulerForward is the implementation of the EulerForward discretization
  • ExpectedMeasuramentLog
  • FminconMpcOpSolver
  • GeneralSet
  • GeneralSystem
  • InitDeinitObject
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • InlineController
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • InlineControllerAdapter
  • InlineLog
  • InlineSensor
  • InputLog
  • Integrator
    Integrator is the Abstract class of a discretization algorithm
  • Log
  • MeasurementsLog
  • MpcController
  • MpcOp
    MpcOp Model Predictive Control Optimization Problem
  • MpcOpSolver
    MpcOpSolver abstract class for and solver of MPC optimization problems
  • MultiRun
  • MyUnicycle
  • MyUnicyclePar
  • NoInitDeinitObject
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • ObserverStateLog
  • ObserverWithDiscreteUpdate
    ObserverWithDiscreteUpdate abstract class
  • ParameterizedCtSystem
    ParametriedCtSystem, Abstract class for parameter estimation
  • PolytopicSet
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • RK4
    RK4 is the implementation of the Runge-Kutta method RK4
  • RangeFinder
  • RemoteSystem
    RemoteSystem discre-time remote system through UDP link
  • ReplayController
  • ReplayMeasuramentsCtSystem
  • Sensor
  • ShiftAndAppendAuxLawWarmS...
  • ShiftAndAppendZeroWarmStart
  • ShiftAndHoldWarmStart
  • StateLog
  • StateObserver
    StateObserver abstract class
  • TimeLog
  • TrackingControllerECC13
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • UAV
    UAV Continuous time model of a UAV
  • UnderactuatedVehicle
  • UniGoToPoint
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • UniGoToPointPid
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • Unicycle
    Unicycle Continuous time model of a Unicycle
  • Vehicle
  • VirtualArena
  • VirtualArena
  • WarmStart
  • ZerosWarmStart
  • quaternion
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • exLogs.m
    By default VA logs the state vector, the input vector, and the time.
  • exRangeFinder.m
    Example of a Sensor
  • exOffLineFilterTuning.m
  • exMpc2.m
    Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
  • exTrackingAlgorithmUAV.m
    Trajectory Tracking for Underactuated Vehicles
  • exMpc.m
    Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
  • exStateObserver.m
    Extended Kalman Filter
  • setNicePlot.m
    This file is part of VirtualArena.
  • runme.m
  • VirtualArenaLicense.m
  • exIntegrators.m
    Custom integrators
  • ex00VirtualArena.m
    Simulate same systems for different initial conditions
  • acadoCode_RUN.m
  • addPathsOfVirtualarena.m
  • runAllExamples.m
  • modeling1.m
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15 Jun 2014 (Updated )

IDE for Control Design and System Simulation

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File Information

VirtualArena is Object Oriented Matlab IDE for Control Design and System Simulation implemented with the following objectives:
1) Avoid the re-implementation of functionalities that are common to most of the projects, such as:
- Discretization strategies (e.g. Euler forward , Runge Kutta, …)

- Methods of Jacobian computation for system linearization, e.g, symbolic or sample based

- Implementation of standard vehicles dynamics, such as Unicycle vehicle or UAV-like vehicle, and implementation of different attitude representation, e.g, Rotation Matrix or quaternion

- State observer automatic generation, e.g., Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)

- Structure for the implementation of Network-based controllers

- …

2) Establish a set of general interfaces to allow the independent design and integration of different components, (e.g., Vehicle models, controllers, sensors, observers, ...) and to enforce a reusable/transparent/easy-to-debug programming style.

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MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
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18 Aug 2015 1.3

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26 Nov 2015 1.4

FreeBSD license

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