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IDE for Control Design and System Simulation



VirtualArena is Object Oriented Matlab IDE for Control Design and System Simulation implemented with the following objectives:
1) Avoid the re-implementation of functionalities that are common to most of the projects, such as:
- Discretization strategies (e.g. Euler forward , Runge Kutta, …)

- Methods of Jacobian computation for system linearization, e.g, symbolic or sample based

- Implementation of standard vehicles dynamics, such as Unicycle vehicle or UAV-like vehicle, and implementation of different attitude representation, e.g, Rotation Matrix or quaternion

- State observer automatic generation, e.g., Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)

- Structure for the implementation of Network-based controllers

- …

2) Establish a set of general interfaces to allow the independent design and integration of different components, (e.g., Vehicle models, controllers, sensors, observers, ...) and to enforce a reusable/transparent/easy-to-debug programming style.

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Juan Gomez

Super good!



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