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  • bipartite_class.html
  • creating_networks.html
  • installation.html
  • meta_statistics.html
  • modularity.html
  • multi_scale.html
  • nest.html
  • network_statistics.html
  • null_models.html
  • NestednessNTC
  • NODF(matrix, nodf_strict)
    NODF - Calculate normalized nodf value of a matrix. To know how this
  • FiguresPaper.m
    This file includes the code for creating the figures that are shown on the
  • AdaptiveBrim
  • Bipartite
    function obj = set.print_results(obj,value)
  • BipartiteModularity
    BipartiteModularity - Modularity parent class.
  • Diversity
    Diversity - Static class that share diversity functions used for calculating
  • InternalStatistics
    InternalStatistics - Multi-scale statistical analysis for a bipartite complex
  • LPBrim
    LPBrim - Main code class
  • LeadingEigenvector
    LeadingEigenvector - Main code class
  • MatrixFunctions
    MatrixFunctions - Static class that contains a set of useful matrix
  • MetaStatistics
    MetaStatistics - Statistical analysis for a set of bipartite networks.
  • MetaStatisticsPlotter
    MetaStatisticsPlotter - Meta-analysis plotter.
  • Nestedness
    Nestedness - Modularity parent class.
  • NestednessNODF
    NODF - Calculate normalized nodf value of a matrix. To know how this
  • NullModels
    NullModels - Static class for creating bipartite random networks
  • Options
    Options - Main default values for use in BiMat. Certain functions in
  • PlotFormat
    PlotWebs - Matrix and graph plotting class.
  • PlotWebs
    PlotWebs - Matrix and graph plotting class.
  • Printer
    Printer - Class used for printing output files on screen and files.
  • Reader
    Reader - Static class for creating bipartite networks from different
  • StatisticalTest
    StatisticalTest - Statistical analysis class for a bipartite object in terms of
  • moebus_study.m
    BiMat Use case using Moebus cross-infection matrix data
  • phage_bacteria_meta_analy...
    BiMat - Group Testing Use case
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20 Jun 2014 (Updated )

A MatLab framework to facilitate the analysis of bipartite complex networks

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File Information

BiMat is a MATLAB library whose main function is the analysis of modularity
and nestedness in bipartite ecological networks.
For documentation please visit:

Please, feel free to report bugs on:

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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