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Flexible Beam in SimMechanics

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Flexible Beam in SimMechanics


Steve Miller (view profile)


01 Jul 2014 (Updated )

Flexible beam using lumped parameter and state-space methods for static, modal, and dynamic analysis

%% Flexible Beam Demo Script
% <html>
% <span style="font-family:Arial">
% <span style="font-size:10pt">
% <tr>1.  <a href="matlab:open('Flexible_Beam_LP_Simple');">Cantilever</a> (Lumped Parameter)<br>
% <tr>2.  <a href="matlab:Flexible_Beam_LP;">Cantilever</a> (Lumped Parameter, Distributed Load)<br>
% <tr>... a. Calculate Natural Frequencies and Plot Mode Shapes (<a href="matlab:edit('Cantilever_Modes_Shapes_MS2G.m');">Code</a>)<br>
% <tr>... b. Generate State Space Models (<a href="matlab:edit('Cantilever_Linearization_SS_Models.m');">Code</a>)<br>
% <tr>3.  <a href="matlab:open('Flexible_Beam_Compare');">Compare Modeling Methods</a><br>
% <tr>4.  <a href="matlab:Compare_Flexible_Cantilever_SS_Full_Reduced;">Compare Full & Reduced State-Space Models</a> (<a href="matlab:edit('Compare_Flexible_Cantilever_SS_Full_Reduced_Script.m');">Code</a>)<br>
% <tr>5.  <a href="matlab:Static_Deflection_State_Space;">Calculate Static Deflection Using State-Space Model</a><br>
% <tr>6.  <a href="matlab:FlexBeamElement_MS2G_Lib;">Flexible Beam Library</a><br>
% </style>
% </style>
% </html>
% Copyright 2014 The MathWorks(TM), Inc.

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