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Modular Exponentiation

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Modular Exponentiation


Michael Chan


28 Jun 2014 (Updated )

y = x^e mod n

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main executing reference usage:
usage_modularExponentiation : Example not using binary exponent
usage_modularExponentiation_binaryExponent : Example using binary exponent
fast_ToyBinaryExponentiation_Example : Miscellaneous stand-alone sample runs
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_typeI : right to left
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_typeIIA : left to right
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_typeIIB : left to right
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_ML_typeII : left to right (Montgomery Ladder)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_ML_typeI : right to left (Montgomery Ladder)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_Quaternary : right to left (Quaternary method: scanning the bits of e, 2 at a time)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_Octal : right to left (Octal method: scanning the bits of e, 3 at a time)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_slidingWindow: Constant length nonzero Windows
This demo gives an insight to computing y = x^e mod n.

Caveat: For reference purposes.

MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
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11 Jul 2014

Added Montgomery Ladder, Quaternary method, and Octal method.

23 Jul 2014

Added Sliding Window Method (Constant length non zero windows)

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