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Modular Exponentiation

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y = x^e mod n



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main executing reference usage:
usage_modularExponentiation : Example not using binary exponent
usage_modularExponentiation_binaryExponent : Example using binary exponent
fast_ToyBinaryExponentiation_Example : Miscellaneous stand-alone sample runs
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_typeI : right to left
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_typeIIA : left to right
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_typeIIB : left to right
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_ML_typeII : left to right (Montgomery Ladder)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_ML_typeI : right to left (Montgomery Ladder)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_Quaternary : right to left (Quaternary method: scanning the bits of e, 2 at a time)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_Octal : right to left (Octal method: scanning the bits of e, 3 at a time)
modularExponentiation_binaryExponent_slidingWindow: Constant length nonzero Windows
This demo gives an insight to computing y = x^e mod n.

Caveat: For reference purposes.

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flying pig

Different results from functions when the numbers are large.



Added Sliding Window Method (Constant length non zero windows)


Added Montgomery Ladder, Quaternary method, and Octal method.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

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