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Lossy Image Compression

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This function takes in a image and compresses it using block truncation coding.

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This function accepts an image(color or gray) and compresses it using the block truncation coding. Please read the Help section for shortcommings of this implementation.

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garima singh

Please mail me the recent approach used for compression of images using wavelet transform

suganya s d

hello everyone, if u have any code related to image compression using Haar wavelet.send it to mail it will be helpful for my mtech project.

i need help i have project about Image Compression or video data Compression in math-lab but i have no idea about mathlab

who can help me please contact with me

sara sajedi

I got the following error from matlab:

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in btc_image (line 89)

Is the code correct? I took it from

plsss i need matlab code for image compression using adaptive quantization coding and intensity based adaptive quantization coding......any body having it mail to it very urgently...

could you plz mail me the documentation of this to my email(,it's a great help for me to understand the code.i need this for my project Looking forward for your help.

li ??

li ?? (view profile)

can you mail the document to my email(,it's a great help for me to unstand the a algorithm.Looking forward for your help.


may i know how to run this program
please give one example

daniel i

yash janiani

if u have code in matlab for image compression by using walsh-hadamard transform then please mail the code on my email ( Looking forward for your help.
Thank you.

Thurein Oo

thank all


Paul (view profile)

fakeeha jafari

thanks for this work...please if you have a code in matlab to compressing the any image in DWT(8x8 block),please send me and thanks again

thair abed

im engineer

subathra suba

Adilson Gonçalves

tks for this work...please if you have a code in matlab to compressing the any image in DCT(8x8 block),please send me and tanks again

shiven pandya

plz give me all combination code of this project vbecause it was my final year project.thank u very much.

tina n

Please help me! If you have complete code for image compression with matlab, please kindly mail to me coz it is my subject project. Thank you very much!(


if u have a code in matlab for compression of grayscale images plz mail to this id....plz

udita agrawal

if u have complete code in matlab for compression of colored images then please mail the code on my email ( Looking forward for your help. Thank you.

madhavi dubal

if u have code in matlab for DCT based fractal in image compression then please mail the code on my email (madhushri_2008@rediffmail or Looking forward for your help. Thank you.

jorge alberto

very good

emma zhang

i hope you can send me the full coding .thanks .

sushil rangari

can u mail me the full coding of image compression?its my project topic.please help me!

geeta viadya

hi i need this source

warda lee

thank u

amani ali

nuz ara

eray uyanik

Mamta jha


magesh kumar


i want this software

Li lessuez

In decoding,exchange "Mu" for "Mi" ,the result is better.

Cuber Ice

Matlab stops responding with a block_size = 4.

Nissim Nabar

rina rao

i tried using this function for a 4x4 lena image but matlab is showing errors for functions imread and the parameter in_put for the function out_put. could you please let me know how i can best use your function in matlab?

Pratibha Rao

Deema Halabi

i have lucky for meeting you in this site
thank u.

diana rebecca

the output for 8*8 blocks is not clear...can I know wht is the standard block size used..

abhinit samchin

hope , this coding will helful in our project,thanking u

rob thomas

very good

doaa rady

is this function available for fingerprint compression

doaa rady

i need the documents of this function algorithm to understand it

doaa rady

i need to under stand this algorithm

amit sagar

i was finding this from a long time i find it here it is in a good form thanks to the Vallabha Hampiholi

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MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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