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easy matlab and shell interaction library (ez.m)

  • print2eps.m
  • append_pdfs(varargin)
    APPEND_PDFS Appends/concatenates multiple PDF files
  • copyfig(fh)
    COPYFIG Create a copy of a figure, without changing the figure
  • eps2pdf(source, dest, cro...
    EPS2PDF Convert an eps file to pdf format using ghostscript
  • export_fig(varargin)
    EXPORT_FIG Exports figures suitable for publication
  • fix_lines(fname, fname2)
    FIX_LINES Improves the line style of eps files generated by print
  • ghostscript(cmd)
    GHOSTSCRIPT Calls a local GhostScript executable with the input command
  • im2gif(A, varargin)
    IM2GIF Convert a multiframe image to an animated GIF file
  • isolate_axes(ah, vis)
    ISOLATE_AXES Isolate the specified axes in a figure on their own
  • pdf2eps(source, dest)
    PDF2EPS Convert a pdf file to eps format using pdftops
  • pdftops(cmd)
    PDFTOPS Calls a local pdftops executable with the input command
  • print2array(fig, res, ren...
    PRINT2ARRAY Exports a figure to an image array
  • user_string(string_name, ...
    USER_STRING Get/set a user specific string
  • using_hg2(fig)
    USING_HG2 Determine if the HG2 graphics pipeline is used
  • ez
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easy matlab and shell interaction library (ez.m)


Jerry (view profile)


08 Feb 2015 (Updated )

make it easy to interact with shell, os in matlab

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File Information

I am also a python lover. To give me less cross-language interference, I packed a bunch of matlab routines that I do frequently in python. Hope you will find it useful. See the github for updated usage information and for downloading.
Some usage information here:
add this file to search path of matlab (e.g. put in userpath)
import ez.* GetDir()
or ez.method without import: ez.GetDir()

help method to see more information

error(msg), print(sth), pprint(sth[, color])


cwd(), pwd(), csd(), parentdir(path),
isdirlike(path), isfilelike(path),
isdir(path), isfile(path), exists(path)
addpath(path), splitpath(path), joinpath(path1, path2), cd(path)

typeof(sth), str(sth), num(sth), len(sth)
ls([path, ]regex), fls([path, ]regex),

mkdir(path), rm(path), cp(src, dest), mv(src, dest)

Alert(msg), result = Confirm(msg), results = Inputs(values[, defaults, title]),
GetDir([title, path]),
[result, pathName] = GetFile([pattern[, title, multiple]]), [result, pathName] = SetFile([defaultFileName[, title]])

result = csv2cell(csvFile)

result = AreTheseToolboxesInstalled({,})

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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Comments and Ratings (1)
04 Jun 2015 Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Is this a serious submission? It contains a lot of DLLs and EXE files, although this conflicts with the terms of use. AntRenamer is included, TeamViewer, AutoHotKey, BeyondCompare (which include the 7z.dll), DittoPortable, GhostScript, PDFXViewer, SublimeText, xplorer2_lite, VSubst and some more programs in a huge 100MB ZIP file.
Most of these programs are not covered by the BSD license. Some functions as BeyondCompare are even shareware.
Therefore I suggest to remove this submission as soon as possible from the FileExchange.

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