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MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica

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MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica


Chad Greene (view profile)


19 Jul 2014 (Updated )

Plot satellite images, grounding lines, and coast lines of Antarctica

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File Information

The modismoa function plots Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA) images, grounding lines and coastlines.
h = modismoa(...)
modismoa plots a polar stereographic 71 image of Antarctica.

modismoa(lat,lon) centers a 500-kilometer-wide map at the location given by lat, lon.

modismoa('location') searches the SCAR database for the specified 'location' and centers a map at that location. (See the scarloc function in the Bedmap2 Toolbox for Matlab).

modismoa(...,mapwidth) centers a mapwidth-kilometer map at the specified location. Default mapwidth is 500 km.

modismoa(...,'year') specifies a year of MODIS MOA image, grounding line, or coast line. The year must be a string (enclosed by apostrophes) and can only be '2004' or '2009'. Default year is '2009'.

modismoa(...,,'inset','location') places an inset at one of these cardinal value locations:

    'southeast' lower right corner (default)
    'northwest' upper left corner
    'northeast' upper right corner
    'southwest' lower left corner

modismoa(...,'resolution',res) specifies the resolution of the plotted data. Can be 750 m, 125 m, or 'downsampled'. By default, a map of width greater than 2000 km will plot 750 m data downsampled to 3750 m; for 400 < mapwidth <= 2000 km, 750 m resolution data are plotted; for maps up to 400 kilometers wide, 125 m data are plotted. Plotting 125 m data for very large areas might crash your computer.

modismoa(...,'contrast',ContrastOption) specifies contrast, or the axis limits of the color scale when plotting 125 m or non-downsampled 750 m resolution data. Specifying contrast on a large downsampled 750 image will have no effect. Following the contrast options described in the web-based MOA map users' guide, ContrastOption may be:

    'uhc' (ultra-high contrast [15875 16125])
    'vhc' (very high contrast [15800 16200])
    'hc' (high contrast [15500 16500])
    'moa' (nominal contrast [15000 17000])
    'lc' (low contrast [12000 20000])
    'vlc' (very low contrast [9000 23000])
    'ulc' (ultra-low contrast [1 32000])
    NumericRange (any two-element range)

Setting contrast to a NumericRange is equivalent to following the modismoa command with caxis(NumericRange).

modismoa(...,'clearocean') sets all zero values to NaN to make the ocean clear. Note that this usage may still leave dark edges around the continent. If you would like to plot ocean data alongside a modismoa image, consider plotting the modismoa image first.

modismoa('gl') plots the MODIS MOA grounding line.

modismoa('gl','propertyName',propertyValue) formats the grounding line with name-value marker style properties.

modismoa('cl') plots the MODIS MOA coast line.

modismoa('cl','propertyName',propertyValue) formats the coast line with name-value marker style properties.

h = modismoa(...) returns the handle h of plotted object(s).


Im Graft, Antarctic Mapping Tools, and Freeze Colors / Unfreeze Colors inspired this file.

This file inspired Lima Landsat Image Mosaic Of Antarctica, Landsat, How To Drape Landsat Images Over Bedmap2 Topography, Ramp Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project, Glaciology Fake Book, and Grainsize Interp.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements This function requires the Antarctic Mapping Tools package available on the File Exchange site.
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30 Jul 2014 1.1

Example file edits.

23 Aug 2014 1.2

The modismoa function is now a plugin for the Antarctic Mapping Tools package.

23 Aug 2014 1.3

File Upload

27 Aug 2014 1.4

Updated to include MOA2009 and options for display contrast. Behavior change: by default, 2009 data are now plotted unless 2004 is specified.

27 Aug 2014 1.5

Fixed a typo in the example file.

02 Sep 2014 1.6

Changed pcolorm plotting to geoshow because geoshow is faster and does not shift data by half a pixel. Also added an example to the example file.

08 Sep 2015 4.1

Included freezeColors as a subfunction.

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