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04 Aug 2014 (Updated )

Determinant and inverse of a given matrix by compact routines.

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The determinat (dA) of a given matrix (A) can be easily found by the matrix order condensation routine:
               dA = det_0(A)
Both determinant (dA) and inverse (iA) may however directly be obtained by the matrix order expansion routine:
          [dA,iA] = det_inv_0(A).
Both routines are very compact, and work for very large order matrix such as A = randn(123).
The routines involve simple arithmatic division, and will fail if the divider becomes zeros.
In such cases, we must interchange among rows and columns of the given matrix, before running the routine.


Update Inverse Matrix, Ginv(X), and Inverse And Determinant Of Square Matrix inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.0 (R12)
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12 Aug 2014

Submitted files det_inv_0.m and det_0.m must be independently separated.

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