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Image Compression

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Image Compression


Luigi Rosa (view profile)


16 Apr 2004 (Updated )

Demo source code for image compression.

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File Information

Image Compression

A collection of simple routines for image compression using different techniques.

Image compression Using Block Truncation Coding.

Image compression based on Gaussian Pyramids.

Image compression based on Discrete Cosine Transform.

Image compression based on Singular Value Decomposition.

The given codes can be also used in 2D noise suppression.

       The function "conv2fft" performs a 2D FFT-based convolution.
       Type "help conv2fft" on MATLAB command window for more informations.

For a more detailed description see:

Ohad Gal's file submission

Vallabha Hampiholi's file submission

Type "helpwin functionname" on MATLAB command window to see the references and how to use these functions.

Please contribute if you find this software useful.
Report bugs to

   Luigi Rosa
   Via Centrale 27
   67042 Civita di Bagno
   L'Aquila --- ITALY
   mobile +39 340 3463208


Jpeg Compression and Lossy Image Compression inspired this file.

This file inspired Manchester.

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
Wavelet Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (27)

can u please send me the code for image compression by using 'SVD'.

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can you send me the information about image compression by using 'svd'
which is useful for my project.thanq!

20 Oct 2016 Hoang Hon Suong


18 May 2016 Anthony Kwo

Thanks, i can learn a lot from your code

29 May 2015 Zeeshan Alam

Hi there
i want image compression code..?

17 Nov 2014 sonam sharma

09 May 2014 Fatma Amer

good job

24 Apr 2011 anoop

anoop (view profile)

how to view the code

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25 Dec 2010 kishan

kishan (view profile)

hello i am doing a project on microarray image compression using svd can you please help me with the code
thank u
my email id is

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28 Aug 2010 dilpreet

i want to do thesis in image compression....i dnt have much knowledge od image compression can any 1 guide id is

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07 Oct 2008 subhash chandra


17 Apr 2008 eman nasaar


17 Apr 2008 subathra suba

07 Apr 2008 sure geo

12 Nov 2007 Berat Dogan

final image "im" is a floating point image...I am not sure if it is a real compression..

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03 Aug 2007 Ganesh AS

why haveu messed up the ct based compression? why have u squared the array? its completely unnecessary..

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14 Jun 2007 dwi pramestya


21 May 2007 abebe gemeda

I will be very happy

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28 Feb 2007 Alvise Sommariva

A good implementation. Highly suggested for a good lesson on SVD.

06 Feb 2007 sivaji m

very good


very good code source

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15 May 2006 kanaga valli

19 Dec 2005 jhhtgf bvggbv

27 Oct 2005 venkateswararao arvapalli

16 Aug 2005 Rod Smith

i prefer optimize Image compression tool at

23 Oct 2004 RAGAD ASADI

please, if you work in SPIHT send me

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20 Apr 2004 Luigi Rosa

Download here the functions used to perform FFT-based 2D and 1D convolution:

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