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Detects Skin Color in Images based on Classification



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The perpose of the application is to detect Skin Color under different Color Spaces. To manage that we train a one class classifier from a collection of Skin Patches.
-The user has to load a folder containning jpg images of skin color before for the trainning of the classifier.
-For the trainning of the calssifier we take the values of the skin pixels, and for each demention of the color space we create a Gaussian Distribution witch we use in the next step for the classification.
-After that we insert an Image and for every pixel of the image the classifier decides if it is a skin or a not skin pixel.
-The processed Image is shown into the screen.
-The result is strongly depentend on the trainning set and the color model in witch the whole process is taking space.
-The User can use different Color spaces and Sigma Values for his experiments in order to take the best results.

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Dear Zamri,

As i understand the error, a probable cause is that you have placed non image files if the SkinPatches_classifierTrainning directory, and the imread() matlab function that i use in my code cannot process them. I will upload an update sortly to to check for non image files and reject them. If the error persist or you think it is something else please inform me in this section of via email.

Thank you for the feedback

Mohd Zamri

Hello Dimitrios,

I get an error when loading the Training Classifier

"Unable to determine the file format."


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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