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A numerical simulation platform for the control of anomalous diffusion process

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This is an efficient numerical simulation platform to control anomalous diffusion process.



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This submisssion contains the basic functions that are necessary for using FO-Diff-MAS2D to solve two dimensional fractional diffusin equations and obtain the numerical simulation of fractional control problems to anomalous diffusion process.
The method is described in the following papers:
[1] Chen, YangQuan, Zhongmin Wang, and Jinsong Liang. "Optimal dynamic actuator location in distributed feedback control of a diffusion process." International Journal of Sensor Networks 2.3 (2007): 169-178.
[2]Cao, Jianxiong, YangQuan Chen, and Changpin Li. "Multi-UAV-based Optimal Crop-dusting of Anomalously Diffusing Infestation of Crops." arXiv preprint arXiv:1411.2880 (2014).

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