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Conway's Game of Life in 3D

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Three dimensional extension of the Conway's Game of Life.

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3-Dimensional version of Conway's Game of Life. "Life" is a cellular automaton invented by John Conway that involves live and dead cells in a rectangular, two-dimensional universe. This implementation uses a M x M x M grid; the number initial ramdomly generated cells can be changed using the slider control.

Whether cells stay alive, die, or generate new cells depends upon how many of their eight possible neighbors are alive. By using sparse matrices, the calculations required become astonishingly simple. We use periodic (torus) boundary conditions at the edges of the universe. Pressing the "Start" button automatically seeds this universe with several small random communities. Some will succeed and some will fail.

Comments and Ratings (8)

Excellent foundation. Falling behind current MatLab supported api, with functions flagged with an error as depricated. I resolved those and updated it for GPU support, runtime world size selection, and runtime simulation step delay selection. Easily ran a 500**3 world with 16**6 automata.

Lisa Yan

Luca Nelli

very good!

Stanislav Barov

Best thing!
Big thanks!

vittorio ghirardini

it's very good

Léon Hagenaars

Looks nice, works nice. It would be a fun thing if more options were added to the interface, like the size of the cube or the number of neighbours needed for survival.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

Inspired: GPU Accelerated Conway's Game of Life in 3D

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