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dxf export for 3d line elements

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Exports 3d line elements into a DXF file for further use with CAD software.

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Given a filename and a 3d line where each line element is specified by X,Y, and Z coordinates it writes a DXF file with the a connected line and N vertices.

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Hi, I am also unable to use this function can anyone help me giving the input arguments. Please help me.


Yang (view profile)

hi, i am facing difficulties in executing this script. Please help me with giving inputs arguments.Thanks.

Excellent contribution. I slightly modified the script to read airfoil data and generate the dxf to import with Hypermesh and works perfectly.

Tom Etzer

I had the same problem as dario.
The Name of the Layer was "0 " instead of "0". Therefore, i changed line 12 to:
Now it works perfect for me.
(Maybe a little late...)


dario (view profile)

Thanks for the script, very useful. however I tried to use the function but when opening in AutoCad 2011 it says
Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded.

even though t picks the coordinates (I can see them in the dxf file opened with notepad). Do you know wht's wrong?


Alex (view profile)

Worked perfectly, saved a lot of time.

Peter Pan

The best script I have aver seen. This script totally rules.

Brian Holley

Very simple and effective! Nice contribution.

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