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Alamouti Space-Time Code

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A function that simulate the Alamouti Space-Time code.

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This is a function that simulate the Alamouti Space-Time scheme and plot a BER vs SNR graph.

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I work on cooperative communication. I tried to optimize LDPC codes. so I'd have a matlab code that will allow me to simulate cooperative communication with LDPC codes. Please Verily I need. thank you in advance.
My email:

i need algorithm for ldpc encoding to make project on mimo ofdm .please help to give algorithm or any code.
Max sir can i have your email id for asking queries as u have suggested

Jai Jai

Please explain some one the steps:

(1) Computing the distance for the symbol
(2) Building the decision vector for the symbol


maulana yunus

Any code for amplify-and-forward cooperative communication?

raj kumar


Mohamed Abulhassan

I need a code in area in powerline communicattion...or power line carrier communicatin system

Maryam Dehghani

mulatu mesfin

I need a code in area of broad band power line communication .using OFDM systems

mulatu mesfin

I need the code

fly smoke

Thanks to the author, the code is right for bpsk, 2*2 mimo, you can extend it to higher constellations.

Kehinde Babatope

soulik would appreciate it if u could provide the corrections online or to my mail box

Souvik Dihidar

This code is wrong! it does work with 2-PAM or 4-QAM. But it won't work with bigger constellations such as 16-QAM, because our man has made mistakes in line 86 and line 101.

safa saadaoui

excellent informations about alamouti code

khoa phan

k k

Carol S.

Does this scheme work in Frequency selective channel?

Max Allegria

It's finally in english.

Have fun!

Jason Yong

when i open the file, the comment still not in english. don't really understand the language.

Max Allegria

I updated the file! Enjoy!


Sush Deb

can the documentation be done in english? i am facing proble with the language.

Max Allegria

Guys, do not write me asking for brand-new codes, such as for your thesis or projects. That's your job. Write me if u have asks about this code and nothing else.
That's because I have no time to provide solutions for yours problems.

Have fun!


Max Allegritti

Please, don't post here, ask me via email.

Have fun!


ahmad tom

I am researching about Alamouti schem 4 by 2 space-time block code, if you have another code and document, please contact me. Thanks.

Antonio Maiden

I am researching about MIMO and space-time code, if you have another code and document, please contact me. Thanks.

xu henry

thanks for providing the code.

Khoa Dang

I am researching about MIMO and space-time code, if you have another code and document, please contact me. Thanks.

Nazim hadjslimane

juste a question I want to use this code in, an OFDM code, to have a simulation of MIMO OFDM, using alamouti. can you help me

Arun Sathish

The Best and the most accurate one..Thank you for providing such a beautiful code.

xiaofeng lu

It's not a good thing.

bala rama

before submitting the mfile a check should be made for should not be made blindly.


Comments now complete and in english. Enjoy!

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