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Device Drivers for the BeagleBone Black

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Development of Simulink Device Driver Blocks for the BeagleBone Black



This project provides a step by step guide for the development of device driver blocks specifically for the BeagleBone Black.
Several standard blocks are developed including blocks for:
- GPIO read/write
- I2C read/write
- Analog Input read
- USR LEDs control

Specific sensor drivers are also developed for the:
- ADXL330 accelerometer
- L3G4200D gyroscope
- HMC5883L magnetometer

The developed driver blocks are then combined in a Simulink model for attitude estimation via a descent gradient sensor fusion algorithm. Finally a UI is developed to display sensor data and estimated attitude via Simulink 3D VR animation. All code is included.

Note that this project may prove especially useful for those using Matlab versions prior to R2014B where the "Embedded Coder® Support Package for BeagleBone Black Hardware" is not supported.

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Istvan (view profile)

Hello, thank you for this!

Now that embedded coder for beagle bone black exists, can these blocks be combined with the simulink supported ones for beagle bone black? This would be a very useful extension (e.g., embedded coder still has no I2C support block) !

Basically, I am trying to get I2C sensor reading happen on a beagle bone black, using embedded code (not just the Matlab command line interface). Can you give me a tip on how to get started best?

Thank you!

Dustin, will it work for MPU 6050?
If yes how to do it?

Thanks and Regards.

liu lei

Sala Darenfed

Will the package work with ADXL335 3-Axis Analog Output Accelerometer? Thanks.

R. Dustin

R. Dustin (view profile)

Hi Oscar, sorry for the late reply. I've added the "BLACKlink_SimulinkLibrary" folder to the GitHub page with a zip file containing all required code to install the BLACKlink library on your computer. I've also added instructions on exactly how to do this in the BLACKlink Manual appendix (13.1) also available on the GitHub page. Hope the helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

hi, your job is fantastic but I have a problem.
How do you install this in simulink? for use library, I don't know like install. please help me.






MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

Inspired by: Device Drivers

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