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Arithemetic Coding

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Program to compress text using arithmetic coding.



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AC for text compression, code is a conversion from C written by witten Neal and Cleary " AC for DATA COMPRESSION "

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shan da

how can i download it or even watch it first??

hao liu

how to use it ?


sue (view profile)

very good,

lulu ?

lulu ? (view profile)

first ,it is a excellent job.
but when i use the compressed ,why the compressed.txt is full of Garbled。

Jane Jane

I'm totally with Stanley Chen. Could you improve it?
thank you

Stanley Chen

When I use this program to decode the "compressed.txt", and obtain the "decompressed.txt". But the result is not equivalent to "text.txt", and it is disordered code.

Yin L

X-cellent work, thanx for support of author i culd complete my thesis

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