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Data Store Rescope Tool

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The Data Store Rescope Tool (formerly the Data Store Push-Down Tool) rescopes Simulink data stores.



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Data stores in Simulink are analogous to variables in traditional programming languages. Therefore, they should be restricted in scope to avoid inadvertent/unwanted access, hide low-level details, and reduce the number of inputs for testing. The Data Store Rescope Tool (formerly known as the Data Store Push-Down Tool) identifies the data stores that have scopes larger than necessary. Then, the declaration (data store memory block) of each identified data store is pushed down the model hierarchy to the lowest level possible, such that all the references to the data store memory are still within its scope. Also, if references to a data store are outside of its scope, the Data Store Rescope Tool can be used for auto-correction: the data store’s declaration is first moved to the model's top level, and then pushed-down to minimize data store's scope as previously described.

For installation instructions and instructions on how to use the tool, see doc/DataStoreRescope_UserGuide.pdf.

For more about the capabilities of the tool and how it can be used in model-based development with Simulink, see the two papers:
Vera Pantelic, Steven Postma, Mark Lawford, Alexandre Korobkine, Bennett Mackenzie, Jeff Ong, Marc Bender, "A Toolset for Simulink: Improving Software Engineering Practices in Development with Simulink," Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (MODELSWARD 2015), SCITEPRESS, 2015, 50-61. (Best Paper Award)

Vera Pantelic, Steven Postma, Mark Lawford, Monika Jaskolka, Bennett Mackenzie, Alexandre Korobkine, Marc Bender, Jeff Ong, Gordon Marks, Alan Wassyng, “Software engineering practices and Simulink: bridging the gap,” International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT), 2017, 1-23.

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Fixed several bugs.


Fixed a big pertaining to the rescoping of Data Store Memory blocks into the top-level of the model.


Formatted description text.


Changed the cover image and made minor changes to the description.


– The tool now offers the option of pushing down to linked subsystems


– Added scope repair transformation when data store's references are outside its scope
– Now properly handles cases where multiple Data Store Memory blocks exist with the same name and overlapping scopes
- Robustness, user guide improved


Made a change to Required Products (a tool was previously listed by mistake).

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MATLAB 9.2 (R2017a)

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