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Interpolate several gas properties of air.



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A suite consisting of two functions that interpolate thermodynamical properties of air between 100-2500 K.

Lookup tables given as .mat-files.

Vectors of temperatures and properties are accepted.

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Properties for Cp between airProp and airProp2 begin to vary from the published values in WC Reynolds, "Thermodynamic Properties in SI" Mr. Billig cuts these off at 1200 K (although this may not be his fault, as the reference in airProp appears to be a derivative work). The problem appears because Cp deviates from Reynold's source which is considered fairly authoratative (I have not checked the rest of the properties yet) throwing into doubt the higher temp (AF Mills "Heat Transfer" has a Cp for air at 2000 K that is significantly lower.) Mills is consistant with properties in the Engineering Toolbox ( which has no obvious reference. It would be useful if someone at a university might double check the higher temperature values in an engineering library.




Chris (view profile)

Mike Baldea

An extremely useful code. I need air property data for the simulation of a tubular reactor with a finite difference scheme. For this application, using the data in .mat format slows things down considerably (since two nested function calls are necessary at each space point). Hence, as it stands now, I would not recommend this package for use in computationally demanding applications. Loading the data once into the workspace and retrieved from there (I will make these changes, time permitting) would proably solve the slowness problem.

Louis Kirkpatrick

for my use I needed to import the mat-file, save it in Matlab version 6, and replace the orignal to have the airProp2.m function file run

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