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15 Jun 2004 (Updated )

Interactive gui to set the values in a structure.

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RES = STRUCTGUI('title',STRING, 'range',STRUCT1, 'settings',STRUCT2,
       'help', STRUCT3). The arguments must be supplied in couples property - value. The allowed Properties are:
       'title': Optional property for which STRING is a string representing
       the title of the window. When this property is not set, the filename
       'StructGui' is used as default.
       'range': this is a complulsory property. The corresponding STRUCT1 is a structure representing the allowed range for structure STRUCT2, passed with the property 'settings'. Each field can be a cell array, where optionally, the first row represent a string to be shown in the gui, and the second row the allowed value for the setting structure STRUCT2. When just a row of values is provided, it represent both the value allowed for STRUCT2 and the string shown in the gui window.
       'settings': set the structure STRUCT2 to be modified.
       'help': is a 1-by-2 structure that set the help string for each
       field and item of the structure passed with the 'range' property.
       The help string for each field of STRUCT1 shown in a listbox of the
       gui, is in the first element of the structure passed: STRUCT3(1).
       The help string for each item corresponding to a field, shown as a
       radio button in the gui, is on the second element of the structure
       passed: STRUCT3(2).
       RES returns the updated structure supplied in 'settings'. Choosing
       'yes' in the gui to update the 'settings' structure, choose 'No', to
       return same structure provided in 'settings'. If the property
       'settings' was not passed, the first item in each fields of the
       property 'range' is returned. It is an optional property.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Other requirements tested on XP
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