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Scrolling Figure Demo

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Make multiple plots in a figure and scroll through them.



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This function is an adaptation of a demo published by Steven Lord that let you add a slider to an axes. This function shows you how to set up a slider in a figure that will scroll through tiled axes.

This functionality is very usefull in situations where you have a lot of information to plot but would rather not have a lot of figures open.

The only negative thing that I have noticed is that on slower computers it can take awhile to scroll if there are a LOT of data points on individual plots.

This can also be easily modified to show more than 1 row at a time ... but I'll leave that to you.

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jm (view profile)

Error using num2str (line 45)
Input to num2str must be numeric.

Error in scrollfigdemo (line xx)
line = ['set(',num2str(a{i},'%.13f'),',''position'',[', ...

KOZLOV Alexandre

I adapted the code as follows:
- create a separate class with all GUI parameters (like cols, rows, aspect ratio, padding, margins, etc);
- change Units from 'normalized' to 'pixels';
- adapt axes position not to the screen resolution & figure dimension, but to the panel dimension, so you can put more information (like control buttons) where you want in the same figure;

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

Inspired by: Scrolling Plot Demo

Inspired: Scrollsubplot

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