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16 Jun 2004 (Updated )

Converts basic fortran90 source code to MATLAB source code.

function [xi,eta,phi,m,n,lambda,h0,an,am,pt,crea_par]=h1f(xi,eta,phi,m,n,lambda,h0,an,am,pt,crea_par);

clear global; clear functions;

persistent h1 t1 t10 t100 t103 t108 t11 t112 t12 t13 t15 t16 t166 t17 t2 t21 t22 t23 t25 t28 t3 t30 t32 t35 t39 t4 t44 t45 t46 t5 t52 t56 t57 t62 t68 t7 t71 t78 t79 t8 t83 t94 t95 t99 ; 

if isempty(h1), h1=zeros(1,3); end;
if isempty(t1), t1=0; end;
if isempty(t10), t10=0; end;
if isempty(t100), t100=0; end;
if isempty(t103), t103=0; end;
if isempty(t108), t108=0; end;
if isempty(t11), t11=0; end;
if isempty(t112), t112=0; end;
if isempty(t12), t12=0; end;
if isempty(t13), t13=0; end;
if isempty(t15), t15=0; end;
if isempty(t16), t16=0; end;
if isempty(t166), t166=0; end;
if isempty(t17), t17=0; end;
if isempty(t2), t2=0; end;
if isempty(t21), t21=0; end;
if isempty(t22), t22=0; end;
if isempty(t23), t23=0; end;
if isempty(t25), t25=0; end;
if isempty(t28), t28=0; end;
if isempty(t3), t3=0; end;
if isempty(t30), t30=0; end;
if isempty(t32), t32=0; end;
if isempty(t35), t35=0; end;
if isempty(t39), t39=0; end;
if isempty(t4), t4=0; end;
if isempty(t44), t44=0; end;
if isempty(t45), t45=0; end;
if isempty(t46), t46=0; end;
if isempty(t5), t5=0; end;
if isempty(t52), t52=0; end;
if isempty(t56), t56=0; end;
if isempty(t57), t57=0; end;
if isempty(t62), t62=0; end;
if isempty(t68), t68=0; end;
if isempty(t7), t7=0; end;
if isempty(t71), t71=0; end;
if isempty(t78), t78=0; end;
if isempty(t79), t79=0; end;
if isempty(t8), t8=0; end;
if isempty(t83), t83=0; end;
if isempty(t94), t94=0; end;
if isempty(t95), t95=0; end;
if isempty(t99), t99=0; end;
t1 = xi.^2;
t2 = eta.^2;
t3 = t1-t2;
t4 = sqrt(t3);
t5 = 1./t4;
t7 = s(eta);
t8 = r(xi);
t10 = am.*t5.*t7.*t8;
t11 =(-1).^pt;
t12 = t11.*m;
t13 = t(phi);
t15 = -1+t1;
t16 = sqrt(t15);
t17 = 1./t16;
t21 = 1./c;
t22 = t21.*t16;
t23 = 1-t2;
t25 = 1./t3;
t28 = c.^2;
t30 = t2.^2;
t32 = m.^2;
t35 =(eta-1).^2;
t39 =(eta+1).^2;
t44 = 1./t23;
t45 = 1./t15;
t46 = t44.*t45;
t52 = t23.*t25;
t56 = t3.^2;
t57 = 1./t56;
t62 = diff(r(xi),xi);
t68 = eta.*t25;
t71 = -t23;
t78 = diff(s(eta),eta);
t79 = t78.*t8;
t83 = 1./t4./t3;
h1(1) =(-t10.*t12.*t13.*eta.*t17+((-t22.*t5.*(xi.*t23.*t25.*(-lambda+lambda.*t2+t28.*t2-t28.*t30+t32)./t35./t39-t32.*xi.*t46).*t8+t22.*t5.*(t52-2.*t2.*t25+2.*t2.*t23.*t57).*t62).*t7-t22.*t5.*xi.*(-2.*t68+2.*t23.*t57.*eta-2.*t52.*eta./t71).*t79+t22.*t83.*eta.*t23.*t78.*t62).*t13.*an).*h0;
t94 = sqrt(t23);
t95 = 1./t94;
t99 = t21.*t94;
t100 = eta.*t15;
t103 = t1.^2;
t108 =(xi-1).^2;
t112 =(xi+1).^2;
h1(2) =(t10.*t12.*t13.*xi.*t95+((t99.*t5.*(-t100.*t25.*(lambda.*t1-lambda-t28.*t103+t28.*t1+t32)./t108./t112+t32.*eta.*t46).*t8+2.*t99./t4./t56.*t100.*t62.*xi).*t7+t99.*t5.*t78.*(t15.*t25+2.*t1.*t25-2.*t1.*t15.*t57).*t8+t99.*t83.*t78.*xi.*t15.*t62).*t13.*an).*h0;
t166 = t21.*m;
h1(3) =((t71.*t62.*eta.*t16.*t25.*t95.*t7-t71.*t78.*t8.*xi.*t16.*t25.*t95).*t13.*am+((t166.*t94.*t16.*t25.*(-t45-t44).*t11.*t8-t166.*t95.*t16.*t25.*xi.*t62.*t11).*t7-t166.*t94.*t17.*t68.*t79.*t11).*t13.*an).*h0;
crea_par(1) = h1(1);
crea_par(2) = h1(2);
crea_par(3) = h1(3);
end %subroutine h1f

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