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DicomViewer updated

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Modification of DicomViewer: rename files and sort them in folders by series



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A new button has been added to the original DicomViewer to rename the files. For all the files in the directory, It creates new folder based on patient ID and series #, and copies each file in the proper directory renaming it using:

Comments and Ratings (5)

erica hite

doesn't work for matlab 2008b,

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Bhargav bhatt

Not working in MATLAB 6.5

Andreu Badal

It works well in my matlab (R14) Service Pack 3, and I don't need any other file or trick.

J. A.

it`s good, source code is great¡
very little.
The best of it dicomviewer?
its esily and quickly use.
But the most preasure is its appareance.

Peter Pan

buggy, does not work when started, requires other files not mentioned


20 june 05: can now handle patient id with large Dicom number: ask the user for a new ID.

bug fixes

some funciton names were still pointing towards the former DicomViewer version. All files and funciton names have been rename with DICOMViewer (no more DICOMViewer2)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired by: DICOM Viewer

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