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Motion Detection with Image Acquisition Toolbox & Simulink

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Motion detection algorithm in Simulink using the Image Acquisition and Signal Processing Toolbox.



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This demo is an example of using the Image Acqisition Toolbox from within Simulink. The Image Acquisition Toolbox is called via a MATLAB Function block to return a frame of data. The Signal Processing Blockset is used to analyze the data and determine if there is motion in the frame. If there is motion, the quadrant that the motion was detected in is highlighted.
In order for the detection to work properly, it will likely be necessary to tune the threshold value to suit your particular scene conditions.

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Ernest (view profile)

Sir, I would like to create a motion detection system on a avi file by using matlab, what should i do now? i knew how to open the avi file in matlab, i am a beginner to use matlab..


can someone teach me how to change video resolution using this demo??

Nuno Moreira

Gowthaman S

can be improved further..

pok pok

Implore file full. thank you

shakiba moaddab

dear sir/madam
it's a m.s. in electrical computer eng. which wants to detect any jam situation in a tunnel traffic by using matlab. i searched matlab image processing tool box to find any useful thing, but i didn't find anything.
would y ou please help me how to do it.
best regards
sh moadab
i searched mat

shakiba moaddab

i want to detect jam situation in a traffic project by the use of matlab.
would you please guide me how?

mesheal tanious

claude dechamps

mohamed hassan

go ahead

aneesh nanda

sir,i hv a project "horizontal optical tracking using webcam".cn u b of some help.kindly let me know.


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