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RoundQCF(d,u,v) returns the "round" continued fraction expansion of (u+sqrt(d))/v.



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RoundQCF(d,u,v,quiet) returns the "round" continued fraction expansion of (u+sqrt(d))/v, where u and d are Gaussian integers and v is an ordinary positive integer. It also
returns the round rational convergents
as well as the coefficients u(k) and
v(k) of the recipricols of the remainders x(k) = (u(k)+sqrt(d))/v(k).

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I fixed the documentation a bit.

I updated the description below.

I fixed a few bugs.

I modified each cell of the output to consist of five columns, which are each explained at the beginning of the file.

I relaxed the restriction of v from positive integers to nonzero integers.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

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