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Hatched Fill Patterns Plus

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Modified APPLYHATCH to allow for variable resolution output for printing.



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Original APPLYHATCH allows for the conversion of a color figure to a B&W hatched figure, ideal for export for standanrd printing, as a screen resolution bitmap image. APPLYHATCH_PLUS allows for DPI selection, resulting in hires images for quality printing. The size of the hatch matrix can also be varied creating tighter or larger hatches.

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Brian Katz

Brian Katz (view profile)

It is suggested that you use APPLYHATCH_PLUSC, which includes color compatibility and variable hatch thickness. I no longer support this function.

Brian Katz

Brian Katz (view profile)

The hatch patterns are bitmaps, so when the resolution changes, the relative size of the bitmap changes...

Erica Alston

Why does the hatch pattern change when using a higher resolution, e.g. 600?

Benjamin Bender

Very nice tool. Works perfectly well for me, although the simple examples are NOT working with Version 6.5.1. If you set the COLORLIST it works fine.

Michel Slivitzky

Just tried the simple example 1 in Matlab 2006b and it does not work.

meeta gupta

John Muller

Very nice tool. Simple to implement. Would be helpful if there was a 'transparency' ability so that overlapping sections would have both types of shading.

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