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Logistic Regression for Classification

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Logistic regression for both binary and multiclass classification



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This package provides logistic regression functions for both binary and multiclass classification problems.
This package is now a part of the PRML toolbox (

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Leah Shi

Quoc Pham

I got the same problem like Muhammad Tariq Sadiq, please advise!

Dear Sir, I am using following commands of your MATLAB codes

ytest = logitBinPred(model,features);

where features have length of 72*10 double and y have 72*1 double and representing class label.

When i execute the above code, I got following error

Error using -
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in logitBin (line 32)
g = X*(y-t)'+lambda.*w; % 4.96

Kindly suggest me how to remove it

rolan worse

t: 1 x n label (1~k)????

Great work! This saved me several hours, writing the code from Bishop myself.


Chi-Fu (view profile)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 9.0 (R2016a)

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